The views of the villas to be built on the 324 m2 parcels that will be purchased are available here.

This is the picture of the building that will be built by the purchaser of the parcel in accordance with the parcel to be purchased and architectural, static, outer façade, and landscape drawings by the person who will purchase the parcel or by the construction company, with which the investor firm is in agreement, within the periods specified in the agreement.

On the outer façade of the buildings that will be built, no modification shall be allowed. The person who purchases the parcel will make all the payments regarding the construction of the building. It is an obligation that the building is finished in 3 years. The fees of the parcels paid by those who do not comply with the architectural drawings and specified periods shall be refunded to them and received back by the investor firm.

The interior architecture drawings that might be applied within the villas shall be delivered back to the persons receiving the parcel.

There is no obligation in this regard. Everyone will be free to apply as they please. The construction firm, with which the investor is in agreement, will consider these interior architecture solutions in their turnkey delivery principle.

If this interior architecture is complied with in the collective purchases made by the investor firm, there become advantages as a result of the economical solutions.

When the construction of the villas is given to a construction firm, with which the investor is in agreement, or any other construction firm, the investor firm shall check these constructions and report to the person who purchases the parcel. Payments shall be made as a result of these reports.